Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 and Its Story


Sedar tak sedar, when I wrote this, it is about 4 days left to the 2015. Hey welcome 2015! And farewell my dear 2014. Even though we have been through a lot in 2014, but indeed 2014 is one of the year that should be remembered through out the whole life. 

When I say it should be remembered by everyone, nah, my blog just show nothing about 2014.  Remembered lah sangat kan. Awwwhh I'm so sorry. Actually I got so many things to be shared here, but well I'm too 'rajin' to type here until I got no time to publish some words here. Hahaha. Maaf kan daku duhai blog. 

Actually, I have one time yang terasa arghh I shall just forget about kewujudan blog ini and ada terasa nak delete je blog ni. When the time passed, I realised this blog is just the only medium that I can share everything here (with no limited words, of course!). I used to be active in microblog, Twitter and also Instagram account which these two social network quite easy for me to express my words (emotional and harsh word) on the spot.

As my 2014 is quite plain and kinda bored, all I can say my 2014 is just a year of me finding my real identity and build up friendship (ruins relationship, KAH!). And of course 2014 is the year that I struggle myself to get good pointer(s) and Alhamdulillah I got it (even not 4.00, arhhhhh *masih kecewa*). Yeah, my friends (from MRSM) ramai yang dah fly (ok, nangis lagi sebab masih dekat Malaysia) and I'll make sure one day, I'm gonna be among one of them too. Amiiinnn.

Travel? Oh yaa, 2014 also witnesses a young girl named Azrin having her holiday(s) happily. I flew throce to Indonesia and once to Singapore. My first trip with the buddies, we went to Universal Studio Singapore. Very enjoyable and I love all the ride. A place that I should come again (maybe that time with my husband i guess HAHAHA). Went to USS around May if I'm not mistaken. 

Two weeks after that, June 2014 a whole family of mine with my uncle (Ucu) flew to Bali, Indonesia. Though, its a bit crowded, but for me its really amazing in terms of view and culture. I might come to Bali again and of course with husband (my parents didn't like Bali that much). 

Then, on August (third and 4th raya), we were boarding to Tanjung Balai, Kepulauan Riau. Naik ferry dari terminal feri kukup, all I can say Tg. Balai is a place for shopaholic. Lots of barang tiruan jenama2 terkenal (mostly gred AAA) and the most important MURAH nak arwah hahaha I bought one pair of New Balance sneakers for Rp. 150 000 (RM 75+/-) and the quality is superb. Hampir sama dengan ori. Satisfied giler!

and lastly, we went to Lombok on Sept. Ya Allah time tu I'm not in my semester break yet, it is around week 13th. can u imagine, how busy you are when it is near to the study week and also final exam. But the holiday worth every single cent and also every single second. It is really MasyaAllah I can't describe by words. Sumpah amazing. The crystal water everywhere and the colourful fish just mingle around on your hand. the corals superb! I might share this vacation more detail in one special entry.

and I think, thats all about my 2014. and 2014 is tahun berduka cite buat rakyat Malaysia. We were tested by the lost of MH370 and also the crashed of MH17. Al-Fatihah to all the victims. May we meet again in the next entry. 

Love, Omel.

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